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  • Saint George Greek Orthodox Church Toronto

    As the “mother church” of the Greek diaspora in Canada, Saint George’s holds a special place in the hearts and souls of the Orthodox faithful. Founded in 1909 by Toronto’s early Greek immigrant pioneers, Saint George is the oldest Greek Orthodox community in Canada and, up until 1961, the only Greek Orthodox church in the city of Toronto. A veritable jewel in the crown of Greek Orthodoxy, the church of Saint George stands as a dynamic affirmation of the spiritual and artistic achievement of the Byzantine religious tradition. Like many architectural landmarks in the city of Toronto, Saint George’s church read more

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    St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

    *Saint Nicholas was a bishop of the 4th century of Myra (modern part of Turkey). His parents died in an epidemic, and he became a wealthy young man. He followed Jesus’ words and sold what he owned and gave the money to the poor and needy. There are many stories and legends of his generosity. He died on December 6th, and this became his feast day. Much later Santa Claus story started (centuries later), but inspired with the generosity of Saint Nicholas.